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Irene Frenkel is an artist whose astonishing fantasy is immediately recognized once you have seen her works. A rich universe of powerful forms in their whimsical relationships appears before the eyes of those who are open to anything unusual requiring creativity and free flights of imagination. Her art reveals dynamic space whose living matter perpetually generates novelty, the universe whose mutability challenges common sense and opens new perspectives.
The symbolism of her language cannot be determined once and for all, it always leaves space for the viewer's own interpretations. But one thing is certain - this is a global vision of life in its ever-lasting beauty.
In her works, Irene Frenkel successfully combines the cosmic forms of Michelangelo with a contemporary vision of micro- and macrocosm. She creates her own myth of the beginningless mystery called Life.

                                                      Vera Zubarev
I attempt to pose questions rather than give answers. I am mostly interested in the endless process of creation rather than the result. 
                                           I. Frenkel